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When it comes to YOU, we offer our clients a powerful resource and a recipe for success. The workshop sampler below list a few of the frequently requested Signature sessions.  Customization of topics can be tailored specifically for your orgainzation upon request.  ilinda is available to travel worldwide. 


Our workshops, seminars and keynote addresses are to assist you in altering your thinking and accelerating transitioning through life's challenges.  Explore and gain Freedom from your Limiting Beliefs.


I Changed my Mind - Unleashing your Greatness and Programming your Mind for Success

Everyone seeks to discover the hidden patterns of the mind yet live lives unfulfilled, not living to their potential.  Are you ready to dive deeper and do the necessary work to make permanent, lifelong changes in your Personal/Professional life?    

This session will focus on:

  • Incomparable introduction to the internal belief system that ultimately influences our decisions
  • Identifying and changing negative programming passed down through generations
  • The process of identifying and clearing the subconscious of negative energy
  • Will initiate thinking, expose your opinions and shift your mindset

Who's Pulling Your Strings:  Cut the strings and empower your life

Ever feel as if you are being pulled in a million directions at the same time?
Does it feel as if everyone wants a piece of you and you're left feeling all used up, with little time for self?

Discover How to :

    • Break the strings of mental imprisonment
    • Recognize Theories and patterns of thought that lead back to where it all began
    • Influence the Principal Players that affect the developmental process
    • Out Maneuver the Manipulators

 Smart Women Making Smart Choices: Domestic Violence  

Every woman experiencing abuse, whether physical or emotional, has to make a critical decision. One which will shape her life forever. One Factor that prohibits the decision is the Fear Factor.  "The only fear powerful enough to hold you back is the one you refuse to see".

Walk away with:

  • The Definition of Abuse and What it looks like
  • Recognizing the Cautionary and Red lights that are displayed indicating danger zones 
  • The Consequences of Believing the lies and mthys that keep you in a dysfunctional relationship
  • How to determine when Enough Is Enough
  • Awakening to life and love again

Turning Confrontation into Conversation:  Embracing Successful Communication Styles

Did you know that How you respond to conflict is 90% done out of Habit?  Where did we learn the Patterns of ineffective communication?

This session explores:

The Upside of Anger

  • 4-Styles of Communications: The Win/Win Style of Communication
  • How to Respond to the Underlying issues of Difficult People
  • What do you say when?

Coaching Sessions:  Group and One-on-one

Who Needs a Coach 

Everyone that desires to perfect their game - George Fraser (Networking Guru), LeBron James (Basketball Phenon), Michael Jordon (Basketball's History Maker), ....and ilinda Reese (Change Accelerator/SpellBinder/Author).  Smart people surround themselves with smart people. People with the ability to recognize the giftedness and untapped talent within those they coach.

When you're ready to accelerate your personal or professional life, HIRE ilinda to take you to a higher level of thinking to embrace your greatness.  If you're ready to pickup the pace of your success, increase the speed of your development then let her show you how. ilinda's goal as your coach is in agreement with the sentiments of Bishop T.D. Jakes who said, "My destiny is to help you reach yours."

It's time to consider what you can attain if you gain a fresh perspective and form constructive thoughts. ilinda's solution oriented consultations, experience with diverse backgrounds and deep knowledge of proven coaching Best practices will propel you towards your destiny. Don't wait!  Contact us NOW to schedule your consultation.