What people are saying...Our Happy clients and their comments

Illinda "Transition Physician" as I so fondly refer to her as is a pleasure to work with. Her personal experiences here and abroad enhances her over all approach to what she has to offer. Author, TV Personality, Transition Coach and Motivational Speaker are all titles that I've personally had the pleasure of seeing her excel at. She's a true gem. 
Dee Magic COO at Ishyne Modeling
Ilinda is a great asset to the community and to budding motivational speakers in particular. When I first joined the National African American Speakers Association, I had little experience speaking. Ilinda was very supportive and helpful in giving me tips and advice on how to be an effective, inspirational speaker. She gave me the confidence to move forward on my dreams...
Patrice Blakemore Confidence Expert for Women in Predominately Male Professions
I consider Ilinda Reese one of our company's "Brain Trust" partners! She has the knowledge and talent to enhance any qualified project you may be involved in. Let me say this about Ilinda: "I dare you to find anyone who may equal Ilinda's work ethic, ability to develop successful strategies or passion to assist in YOUR success!" 
Kero International, Incorporated, Regal Consulting Group, LLC.

Ilinda is an excellent speaker and is dedicated to helping you and your organization achieve results!
Kent Wise Award Winning Speaker and Professional and Personal Consultant.


Ilinda is a true professional with the ability and talent to motivate some of the toughest audiences. I have used her services on many occassions and would do so again.  Cindy Marizette Integrated Project Analyst at The Huffman Group

I’ve worked with Ilinda M. J. Reese several times over the past five years and each time she has made behavioral change her primary focus through her unique style of consultation services. She commands the attention of the room and facilitates cutting edge techniques which make every professional staff member accountable for making team goals meaningful and achievable. I highly recommend Ilinda for one-on-one consultation as well as for staff consultation services.
Heather C. Clayton Terry, MPA Associate Director for Women in Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University
Ilinda is both a dynamic speaker and a dynamic person, I have had the opportunity to work with her on various occasions. If you are looking for a great speaker, mentor, leader or simply a great person add to your network, I'd highly recommend Ilinda.
LaRick Calhoun Marketing Consultant

What a phenomenal woman Ilinda is! I have had the privilege of knowing Ilinda for over 6 years. She is a woman who believes that the most important thing one can do with one's time is to contribute to the betterment of others. Ilinda is passionate about making a difference in the lives of individuals, especially women.
Jacklyn Chisholm, Ph.D.  CEO

ilinda Reese possesses a unique set of skills, insight, and compassion. More importantly she utilizes these assets to educate, inspire and empower others to reach beyond their perceived limitations. While her success has taken her far beyond the confines of Northeast Ohio and onto the International stage, her heart and her willingness to make a difference  continue to make a positive impact at home.
Henry Ford Author, Speaker, Consultant, Publisher of VISIONS On-line, IEI Award Recipient
ilinda, is a very detailed person about the task given her to complete, on time. llinda is a team worker, she work well with others.
Larry Jemison public relations at usgoverment
ilinda Reese is the consummate professional. She is reliable and creative in her work. She has served as a volunteer workshop facilitator to Dress for Success Cleveland empowering, educating and lifting self-esteem levels of the women we serve. Ilinda's ability to motivate and inspire others is supendous. ilinda has supported our organization by showcasing us on her local talk show.
Melony Butler  Executive Director at Dress for Success Cleveland

ilinda has proven to be invaluable as a resource to several for profit and non-profit organizations that I've been associated with. I first hired Ilinda to train our staff in sexual harassment issues and her knowledge and training had an immediate impact on our organization. Since knowing Ilinda, she has proven very resourceful and is a professional that everyone. 
Andre Bryan Business Management Consultant at APB & Associates, Inc.

Dynamic speaker! Very good presentation…Your such a dynamic, caring speaker who connects with her audience. ..ilinda’s always entertaining, fun, and informative…Ms. Reese is a positive speaker that shows a lot of positive emotion throughout her presentation which allows participation to be more open to ideas…Bring ilinda back for another engagement…This was a lot of fun for all of us! Great pace, excellent humor, and good audience rapport.
Sandusky Library (Paper vs. People)

Ilinda is a dynamic speaker!...I’m glad the company is doing these seminars…We should have these once a month! 
Horsburgh & Scott (Stress Management)

Very bright, interactive presentation. Thought provoking…This was a great workshop, don’t change a thing!... 
W. G. Nord Center
High energy! A nice break. I almost didn’t come but I’m glad I did. Some topics really hit home on taking the moment for the moment…Very uplifting person. Need her energy…ilinda is very energetic! It’s contagious…Excellent/very personal presentation of ideas and concepts. Very good, upbeat, enlightening.

Ilinda, is a spirit and positive force to be reckoned with. She is always open to being creative, innovative and charming. Through specific questions, conversations and insight, she looks to help individuals discover and remove their blocks and point them to their strengths. Ilinda is always cheerful, helpful and positive. Those who get to interact with her (especially one-on-one) should consider themselves blessed.
Donna Adams, Cleveland, Ohio