Domestic Violence Video

 Helping the Hurting Heal

Life before success was a struggle. At 16 years of age,iLinda faced the quandary of being pregnant and married, in that order. With her self-esteem underdeveloped and self-worth still under construction, fighting for survival in a dysfunctional relationship became her reality. Working to acquire skills to balance work, family, pursue higher education and serve the community, increased and illuminated the tension. After 23 years of battling her mate’s disease of alcoholism, it became evident that a critical decision must be made to escape a continual life of Domestic Violence; To save herself and the life of her children. It was a decision that would shape her life forever.iLinda not only SURVIVED but THRIVED life’s circumstances. The journey to recreate herself in the after-life began with a mind shift and recognition of the need to CHANGE. iLinda’s search to define who she was outside of the relationship, resulted in the development of a process that would lead to a system that would ultimately set others free. Instead of staying silent after suffering the emotional roller coaster of a failed relationship, iLinda speaks for those that feel they have no voice.


"I specialize in lifting the weights loaded on women who want to Unlearn, Unlock, and Unleash their core so they can flourish in life, live abundantly and leave a legacy" iLinda