Are you looking for more out of life?

Are you frustrated because you’ve tried many different techniques and still can’t seem to navigate forward movement?

Did you know that 95% of people will never reach their full potential?

Did you know that even the most successful executives self-sabotage through negative patterns?

Ilinda Reese is a Success Coach and a Change Accelerator dedicated to empowering people to reclaim their purpose/passion through emotional mastery so they can move to the next level of their professional and personal lives.

Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

She guides and encourages people from all walks of life to be wiser, stronger and bigger in their personal and career lives.

As an Agent of Change, ilinda has the ability to renovate your life through Break through, revelatory insights into Why you do what you do and how to Break the Chains of Habit.  Moving from passion to purpose and purpose to profit results in Personal and Professional expansion through education and transformational coaching.

Reese’ vision is to create a mind shift in your thinking, unleashing your brain, creating forward movement.  Your life will be better for the Change in thinking. You can beat the odds, Break the barriers and overcome life's obstacles. Take definitive steps in the direction of your vision and aspiration.

Many times in our lives, we face struggles inside and outside of ourselves that paralyze our ability to achieve happiness. The iLINDA 4-WEEK TELESEMINAR empowers you to identify the chains holding you back, to transform limitations into empowering instruments of change.

From award-winning, corporate speaker ilinda Reese, this exclusive 4-week transformative system will empower you to:

-Investigate the chains embedded in your subconscious that currently hold you back.

-Empower you to embrace your identity, transforming those chains into the instruments of change.

-Infuse your creative drive with energy to explore and pursue your dreams.

Module 1: Embracing your identity through a journey of self-analysis.

Take a deep dive into discovering your DNA. Expose your opinions of yourself and the motivation for why you do what you do.

Module 2: Breaking chains of habit...Your best is yet to come.

Overcoming barriers to release your potential. The foundation of your internal belief system. The process of identifying and exploring subconscious messages. Find out the secret to unlocking the human brain's vast untapped resources. Ecaluate the operating system of the mind, its influence and effect on behavior. Discover the exact steps to end defeating patterns and apply strategies.

Module 3: Owning your power.

Who's pulling your strings? - Cut the strings and own your power. Clear the path of your life of the negative energy projected from others. Real-time practical life strategies.


Module 4: Creating flow (Imagination)

Exercises to expand the flow of your creativity igniting possibilities leading to exciting results. Thought-desire-achievement-action? Igniting possibilities. Quick ideas to implement highly effective thinking strategies application of action plan.


About Ilinda Reese

"iLinda has the power and the passion to motivate others to LIVE their best life. As a popular seminar leader with 20 plus years experience, Reese has changed the lives of executives and their staff while presenting programs to Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit agencies.  During ilinda's previous experience as a resident Relationship Expert, as coined by RADIO One WZAK 93.1, she received call-ins, and responded with the right questions that led to individual solutions.

From being a regular, frequent guest on TV8 to a TV Talk show host of her own show, "the ilinda show" Reese expanded her ability to communicate and demonstrated her quick wit while working with an audience. Whether sharing the methodology of how to facilitate change with audiences on radio, television or addressing large groups throughout the United States and Europe, Reese inspires hope and healing."

ilinda Reese Author of four Books challenging you to Change the dynamics of your Relationships/career. As a Coach ilinda teaches you how to navigate the sometimes bumpy road of managing marriage, friends, family and work related relationships.

Making you self-efficient is her mission. Reese has helped thousands of people reach their life aspirations with effective strategies and making you the strongest version of yourself is her goal.   Allowing you to achieve emotional mastery and moving you toward what you really want in life is the aim of the sessions.