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If I'm Lookinf for a Prince Why am I still kissing a Frog

I believe every woman has a "frog" story, you know the ones, that guy that you meet in a bar , on the street or wherever that seems like he emerged from your worst nightmare?  Frogs are everywhere (look no further than the friend you see with some guy and you wonder "why"?) .  Even us guys run into frogs (we just don't tell you about them).  That's why when I first was presented with the book by Cleveland author Ilinda M. Reese I thought..."interesting and marketable title, but does it have any "meat" or is it just "frog legs" (i.e. appetizer that just scratches the relationship book surface).

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TIl Death Book Cover  

Til Death

Author ilinda M.J. Reese unfolds her own personal story of abuse, candidly sharing her desperation and longing to find herself and solutions to a problem that was shielded with shame, embarrasment and vulnerabity.  ilinda shares survival strategies and resources for women who want out for their own sanity and well being.  Ultimately, every woman experiencing abuse, whether physical or emotional, has to make a critical decision.  One which will shape her life forever.. For these women, ilinda acknowledges that there is hope...and a future. Til Death will take you on a roller coaster of emotions, with journeys end being a safe, secure place to not only survive but thrive

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 book cover Dont Talk FINAL    

Don't Talk Speak

Gain knowledge of a proven formula gleamed from 18 years in the speaking industry. Named among America's elite Speakers and thinkers, ilinda has been invited to share her knowledge and expertise with thousands of professionals throughout the United States and Europe. As a much sought after Transformational speaker, Reese presents frquently seminars, workshops, and keynote, educating and entertaining audiences worldwide.

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