International Speech Competition WINNER, Glasgow, Scotland, Silver Bowl
20 Years Corporate Speaking Experience


Are you looking to make changes in your organization?
iLinda can make it stress-less.

Do your employees need a boost?
iLinda can inspire them to do more and be more – and love doing it

Having problems getting employees to get along?
iLinda weaves the colorful fabric of varying cultures into one unified mosaic.

WHY HIRE iLiNDA as your next Keynote Speaker?

iLinda has the power and the passion to motivate others to LIVE their best life. As a popular seminar leader with 20 years experience, Reese has changed the lives of staff while presenting programs to Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit agencies. During ilinda's previous experienc as a resident Relationship Expert, as coined by RADIO One WZAK 93.1, she received call-ins, and responded with the right questions that led to indivudal solutions.From being a regular, frequent guest on TV8 to a TV Talk show host of her own show, "the ilinda show" Reese expanded her ability to communicate and demonstrated her quick wit while working with an audience. Whether sharing the methodology of how to facilitate change with audiences on radio, television or addressing large groups throughout the United States and Europe, Reese inspires hope and healing.

A graduate of Ursuline College, cum laude, ilinda's study of Human Behavior with a minor in Pychology has supported her interest in understanding Why we do What we do. Designed to identify root causes of gridlock and inertia, Life before success was a struggle. At 16 years of age ilinda faced the quandary of being pregnant and married, in that order. With her self-esteem underdeveloped and self-worth still under construction, fighting for survival in a dysfunctional relationship became her reality. Working to acquire skills to balance work, family, pursue higher education and serve community, increased and illuminated the tension. After 23 years of battling her mate’s disease of alcoholism, it became evident that a critical decision must be made to escape a continual life of Domestic Violence; To save herself and the life of her children. It was a decision that would shape her life forever.ilinda not only SURVIVED but THRIVED life’s circumstances. The journey to recreate herself in the after-life, began with a mind shift and recognition of the need to CHANGE. ilinda’s search to define who she was outside of the relationship, resulted in the development of a process that would lead to a system that would ultimately set others free. Instead of staying silent after suffering the emotional roller coaster of a failed relationship, ilinda speaks for those that feel they have no voice.

Reese's practical approaches and tools have proven to tackle such barriers to help create lifelong, permanent change ilinda is a mother of 3 adult children, a faithful member of Covenant Community Church where she served as Administrator. Since 2002 she has served as President of A.S.I (Advance Speakers International) whose mission is the development and educational training for speakers.

The journey never stops.

iLinda will: 

Recreate -      Move them from the person they are to who they were designed to be
Educate -       Practical insights into the change process
E liminate -     Lose limiting beliefs systems
S timulate -     Thinking generating forward movement
Edutainment - Entertaining with authentic, energized content

Facing Your Fears

What are your fear factors?  Most of our lives are lived in Transition and it is only there that we are truly alive. Abandon the known and embrace a NEW course of action! ilinda embraced White Water rafting though she cannot swim (seated on the edge of the raft on the right), being wrapped in a 10' Boa Constrictor, rock climbing and parachuting to name just a few What's your NEXT?