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Would you like to replace old patterns of self-defeating behavior with new habits which promote happiness and the development of your true potential?

Are you frustrated because you have tried many different techniques and still can't seem to navigate forward movement?

Have you experienced dissatisfaction with your life, knowing you were meant to accomplish more, dream more and live more?

                                          The Chains holding you back hold the key to your Freedom!

Ilinda has the power and passion to motivate you to LIVE your best life.  As the Change Accelerator, ilinda's life experience-from the bottom of the well to the top of the wall-helped transform her into a much sought after motivational speaker.  She has transformational capacity to do the same for others.  Whether sharing the essence of life with audiences on radio, television, being featured in newspaper and Ilinda is awesome!

ilinda is Awesome! I was always impressed with her creativity, motivation, spontaneity and entrepreneurial spirit. She is passionate about and is an expert in her craft. Her to the point topics are creatively presented in her books and through public speaking. ilinda is one of a kind!   Stacey Banks-Houston President at RSVP Consultants
I have had the opportunity to co-present with ilinda on several occasions. Saying that ilinda is a dynamic speaker is an understatement. You have to witness her uplifting, entertaining and enlightening performances. She would be a huge asset to any company or organization who is looking for an amazing speaker. Her ability to inspire and connect to a variety of personalities, cultures and ages is a true gift. DeLores Pressley Principal, BornSuccessful Consulting
We truly enjoy ilinda speaking to our wellness luncheon here at Donley's Inc. ilinda is an energetic speaker who captures an audience with her quick wit and inspiring words. Our employees have greatly benefited from ilinda's motivational task on managing stress. We look forward to future presentations by ilindaKatrie Donely Wellness Corodinator Donley's